10 Useful iPhone Apps that Track Disease Outbreaks

With the new iPhone release, it is clear that more than ever can be done with this device. Indeed, the new sophistication of the iPhone means that it can be all about your health, and doing what you can to remain healthy. Additionally, with the new ability to be more connected than ever before, the iPhone offers you the chance to get the latest health information, and to keep track of where you are most likely to see health threats. Whether you want to keep track of your own symptoms, or whether you want to know how to watch out for others, here are 10 useful iPhone apps that can help you track disease outbreaks.

1. Outbreaks Near Me

Get the latest information on local disease outbreaks. Right now, the most popular use of this app is to track the swine flu. This iPhone app is a “grassroots” epidemiology effort based on HealthMap. It is possible for you to check the app and see whether a disease outbreak has been reported in your area. You can upload your own information and create your own reports using Outbreaks Near Me.

This app was developed by researchers at Children’s Hospital in Boston, along with help from the MIT Media Lab. It does more than track swine flu — it can trace outbreaks from a number of infectious diseases.

2. Mobile World Disaster

If you are looking to keep track of what’s going on in the world, Mobile World Disaster news is a good choice. This iPhone app, developed by Crossgates AC, provides a helpful search feature, and includes Meta tags to make things easier for you. You can receive emergency updates about a number of disasters, from earthquakes to tornadoes to hurricanes.

And it’s not just natural disasters. Mobile World Disaster can help you stay on top of epidemics and pandemics. If you are concerned about travel to distant places, you can check to see what kinds of diseases you will have to worry about. This app also helps you track the spread of pandemics, and keeps you informed with the latest news. It’s no surprise that, right now, the most recent version has been updated with helpful information on Swine Flu.

3. Swine Flu News Tracker

Concerned about swine flu? Well, now you can keep track of the latest news with regard to swine flu. Crossgates AC has taken the same type of technology used for the Mobile World Disaster iPhone app and applied it specifically to swine flu. If you are more concerned about what is being considered the next pandemic (especially this fall as back to school is expected to see an increase in swine flu), this app can help keep you abreast of what is going on.

Swine Flu News Tracker includes information on where the latest outbreaks are, and what others are doing to combat the disease. Additionally, this iPhone app includes helpful information on how to protect yourself and your family from swine flu, and tracks where the disease is most prevalent in the world — so you can avoid it.

4. Influenza A (H1N1) Tracker

This is another iPhone app based on the public’s desire to keep up with the swine flu. This is a very simple application from Web it Up. This application is designed to help you keep track of where the swine flu is, how many people have been infected, and how many deaths there have been. It’s actually rather helpful, since the information is arranged by country.

For the United States, the information is further broken down according to state. If you are interested in knowing where the swine flu is most active, and where it is doing the most damage, it is relatively easy to find that information in a very simple format. This application also includes the assessment level offered by the World Health Organization.

5. FDA Mobile

This is a neat application straight from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. If you are looking for the latest health news and disease outbreak information, you can have delivered straight to your iPhone. It is possible to get the latest on disease epidemics, and to track smaller outbreaks. Right now, of course, the main focus for many people is the swine flu. However, the FDA Mobile app can provide information for any disease that threatens to go pandemic. Updates with press reports of the spread of the disease, along with the latest WHO assessment, can be had quickly and easily.

You can also get access to non-outbreak related information. Find FDA warnings (searchable) on products and services. Find human clinical trials data, look for drug shortage information and get the latest news and releases, including the latest medical devices and treatments to be approved. This app is helpful on a number of levels that have to do with your health.

6. CDC News Reader

The Centers for Disease Control is one of the places to go if you want the latest disease outbreak information. You can get all of the latest happenings in the world of infectious diseases right on your iPhone. This news reader takes the top stories issued from the CDC, and sends them to you. This includes outbreaks, such as a multi-state E. Coli outbreak, and even the swine flu. If you want to track diseases and see where the danger lies, the CDC News Reader can keep you informed. A share feature can help you keep those you love in the loop as well.

In addition to tracking diseases, the CDC News Reader also provides other useful information, including emergency preparedness, environmental health alerts, travel notices and other updates. The application also includes a landscape mode, so that you can get a better view.

7. PEPID Elements: Infectious Disease and Travel Medicine

This iPhone application is ideal for the traveler. If you are concerned about what sort of disease you might get when you travel overseas, you can consult this iPhone app for an idea of what’s out there. Not only can this application help you figure out where you are most likely to catch something, but it can actually help you identify whether or not you have it. You can get advice on how to manage infectious diseases, and steps you can take to curb its spread.

This iPhone app also offers dynamic medical calculators and provides information on drug interactions, possibilities and more. The Platinum version, designed for physicians, also has helpful features that can help those who practice medicine better perform their duties.

8. Swine Flu Tracker

IntuApps has the Swine Flu Tracker. This can help you keep track of where the swine flu, and where it might be going. This application is aimed specifically at travelers who still want to globe trot — but in relative safety. Swine Flu Tracker makes use of Google Maps to help you monitor the spread of the disease.

In addition to providing travel warnings and information about the global spread of swine flu (including World Health Organization data), this app also includes helpful information on symptoms of swine flu, what to do if you think you have become infected. This interactive application also features information from the CDC and other respected sources, helping you sift fact from fiction when it comes to the most recent pandemic.

9. The Swine Flu Tracker

This final swine flu app is available from GPS Kit developer Garafa. The company uses its GPS savvy to create a disease outbreak tracker that can help you keep tabs on a number of diseases. Right now, swine flu is quite understandably the focus. However, the app is not limited to swine flu. Other infectious diseases can be tracked using this application, and it also includes information on the disease in question.

Using a map, you can visually see where there have been confirmed cases of the disease in question, as well as see where deaths have taken place. The application works world wide, so you can check up on different countries, and see the places you should avoid.

10. iEmergency

It isn’t exactly a disease tracker, but if you succumb to something, iEmergency can help. This iPhone app by KAVAPOINT is designed to provide your health and emergency information to others if you are incapacitated. The idea is that you can store your allergies, an emergency contact and other information on you iPhone, to be seen if there is a problem. You can even create a lock banner if your iPhone is password protected. There is also one touch emergency calling to make things easier to get in touch with your emergency contacts.

There really is no substitute for peace of mind. You never know when an emergency will come, and you can use this app to make sure you are prepared — and make sure that your loved ones are contacted and know what happened.

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