25 Excellent, Free Palm Pre Apps for Health and Wellness

Are you a health and wellness gadget freak who has fallen for the Palm Pre? The Pre is Palm’s first device to run the webOS operating system, so users across the U.S. are on the lookout for apps to use on the Pre. Since there are no medical apps to date, we’ve pulled together twenty-five excellent free apps for you to use to find local organic food markets, keep track of doctor appointments, stay in touch with like-minded friends or use the Pre as a means to file information that others can access if you become sick or incapacitated. Additionally, one app listed below can help you move your old apps from from legacy Palm OS devices to the newer Palm Pre.

The apps listed below are listed in alphabetical order, and the links lead to the actual apps, press releases or reviews about the apps. All apps are either included in the Pre or listed in the Palm Pre App Catalog download.

  1. Accuweather: Stay on top of the weather in any locale through this Pre app. Five-day forecasts are available, along with current weather data, satellite and radar imagery so you can plan your workouts or avoid natural disasters.
  2. AP News: Associated Press news alerts arrive in your Palm Pre notification bar with this app. View photos, watch video and read updated stories on health and wellness.
  3. Classic: This app allows you to run older apps that were developed for the legacy Palm OS. If you had older apps that you used for your health and wellness lifestyle, use this app to apply those functions to your lifestyle through Pre. The Classic App Store provides all the apps you’d ever want for Palm OS – and now for Palm Pre.
  4. Documents To Go: The Pre comes with a PDF viewer (PDF View) and a Documents Viewer (Doc View) which are very usable for reading documents, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets and plain and rich format documents that you may receive from your health and wellness contacts while on the road. But, webOS fans can look forward to the Documents To Go app soon. Sign up to be notified about the release.
  5. Evernote: This app allows you to remember everything (prescriptions, doctor’s visits, etc.) with notes, photos, task tracking and more. Evernote’s cloud-based sync enables you to recall everything, no matter if you’re using Pre, a desktop, laptop or Web.
  6. Goodfood: Find nearby restaurants that suit your tastes and that come recommended by others who like the same foods. Recommendations are based upon location, ratings and prices.
  7. Google Maps: Google Maps is integrated with Pre’s universal search function, so when you begin typing in search you can launch straight to Maps to find what you need, such as spas, organic grocers and more.
  8. Infopedia: If you want the ease of using Wikipedia for health and wellness information, then Infopedia will help. This third-party app allows you to browse and search Wikipedia articles and bookmark them for later reference.
  9. LikeMe Mobile: LikeMe has partnered with Village Voice Media to help you find the best places to eat, sleep and meet other people of like mind – or of like health.
  10. LinkedIn: This social media tool is considered one of the hottest connectivity networks available. The LinkedIn app for Pre provides access to most all of its basic features whenever you have wireless connectivity so you can stay on top of your health and wellness network.
  11. mCraig: This is a Craigslist browser for the Palm Pre, and it automatically detects your current location to narrow listings to your area. Great tool for finding what you need health- and wellness-wise on the cheap.
  12. Messaging: Stay in touch with like-minded health and wellness friends with this classic example of the new webOS synergy feature. Pull in conversations with anyone in your Email, SMS or IM contact lists. The Pre comes with preloaded email and search apps as well.
  13. Mobile by Citysearch: This app is great for the Pre owner on the go. Use Pre’s built-in GPS to detect locations and then serve up location-based search results for any amenity you might want such as hotels, doctor’s offices, hospitals and more. Choose between recommended and nearby listings and snag phone numbers, hours of operation and addresses as well as GPS location.
  14. Pandora: What’s the use of having connectivity if you can’t have tunes that keep your spirits up while resting or exercising? Pandora, the Internet radio station that you can program, is an app that is both intuitive and enjoyable. If you already have a Pandora account, all your previous stations populate to the Pre app when you sign in.
  15. Shortcovers eBook Reader: This Shortcovers service provides a cloud-based reader with access to free eBooks, chapters, news and magazine articles, short stories, blog posts and much, much more. The app is free, and books are reasonably priced. Look for items covering health and wellness from their listings.
  16. Spaz: If you’re an avid Twitter, Identi.ca and/or Laconica user, this open-source app is one way to stay in touch with followers and friends via the Pre. For those with multiple personalities, Spaz supports multiple accounts.
  17. SplashID: Use this Palm Pre app to store private data such as passwords, credit cards and banking details. If you save the master password in your safety deposit box, then it could provide much needed information for your next-of-kin should you encounter an accident.
  18. Sprint Navigation: Keep your eyes on the road and stay alive with this app that uses turn-by-turn navigation and text-to-speech utility. This app is preloaded in the Palm Pre.
  19. Sprint TV: Stay on top of health and wellness news with a wide selection of quality shows including the Weather Channel and CNN Live.
  20. Tasks: List all the things you need to do today (such as workout, organic marketplace, doctor, etc.) and sync with your Google, Facebook or Exchange accounts.
  21. The New York Times: This news app can provide you with the latest in health and wellness news from the Gray Lady.
  22. Today Show: This app features the latest videos, stories and photos about food, health, relationships, travel and more from one of the most popular morning shows on television.
  23. Tweed: Share information with your followers through this Pre Twitter app, where you can gain access to all the basic Twitter features such as the Friends and Public Timelines, Replies, Direct Messages, Favorites and more.
  24. Web Browsing: No worries about keeping up with Web browsing while mobile – the Palm Pre contains different Web sites that can be opened while working on other apps.
  25. WHERE: This Pre app can detect your location via the Pre’s internal GPS and it delivers a wide range of local search results for business listings. You also receive detailed weather reports, local traffic reports and a Yelp integration along with U.S. news.

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