Top 50 Blogs for Positive and Conscious Living

Part of good health is having a positive attitude. Additionally, participating in conscious living — carefully considering your actions and how they impact yourself, others and the environment — can increase your health and reduce your stress. The main thrust of positive and conscious living is to help you simplify your life and focus more on how you can live better, in terms of health, spirituality and connectedness to the world around you. Here are 50 blogs that can get you on the path to positive and conscious living:

General Positive Living Blogs

17647469_54187f8578Learn about creating an attitude adjustment in your life and view things with more positivity.

  1. Positive Living with Patricia Raskin is a program on BlogTalkRadio. Listen to regular podcasts from Patricia and learn to live more positively.
  2. Dan Massicotte’s Positive Living offers a number of posts and insights on living positively. Site also includes video and audio presentations.
  3. Personal Growth Planet provides a look at ways you can give yourself a life makeover and improve your living.
  4. Planet Positive Living offers a look at how you can enjoy a positive lifestyle anywhere in the world.
  5. Hello! Self tries to empower people to change as they discover themselves and attempt to live more positive lives.
  6. NextGen Parenting looks at positive parenting and living from a progressive standpoint.
  7. Empowered Children focuses on helping parents teach their children positive living.

General Conscious Living Blogs

Conscious living encourages you to better examine your life and your choices. The idea is to live so that you are a better person, and so that you impact others — as well as the environment — in a positive way.

  1. Planet Pink n’ Green devotes itself to the culture of conscious living, with an emphasis on creativity.
  2. Balloon Juice focuses on conscious living from a liberal, “dirty hippy” perspective.
  3. Raising Conscious Authentic Children helps parents learn how they can teach conscious living to their children.
  4. Conscious Living TV provides video posts on conscious living, including travel, health and beauty, and green living.
  5. Steve Pavlina offers a personal development and conscious living blog that can help you learn how to tap your inner self in order to live better.
  6. LSReagan’s Blog shares stories from a journey to conscious living.
  7. Poetic Alchemist writes poetry designed to help himself and others live more consciously.

Simplicity Blogs

Some believe that the key to positive and conscious living is to simplify your life. Here are some blogs that can help you learn how to downsize your life — and upsize your living.

  1. Neat & Simple Living helps you learn how to organize your life and let your clutter go in order to simplify.
  2. Simple Living America focuses on simplifying to find balance in a world that is often anything but.
  3. My Simpler Life follows one person’s journey in creating a simpler life.
  4. Simple Living in a Complex World looks at how you can simplify your life even as things get more complicated in the rest of the world.
  5. Everyday Simplicity offers tips for living everyday in a simpler manner.
  6. Finding Simplicity can aid you in your search for a simpler life.
  7. Choosing Voluntary Simplicity addresses the idea of choosing a simple life and making better life decisions.
  8. Tiny Choices shows you how little decisions you make can lead to simplicity in life.

Environmental Blogs

Part of living consciously is considering how your actions affect the environment. Here are some good blogs about environmentally friendly and sustainable living.

  1. Eco Life Blog helps you learn how to live your life in a way that is more sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  2. My Green Side is devoted to help you learn more about living in closer harmony with the environment.
  3. Franke James offers an interesting look at living green and developing an environmental conscience.
  4. Green & Clean Mom provides easy, everday things you can do to be greener.
  5. Green Living Ideas focuses on helping you learn more about the benefits of an eco-friendly life.
  6. Sustainablog is all about creating a greener world.
  7. Treehugger offers one of the premier blogs on environmentalism and living better.
  8. Eco-Libris provides information on how you can be more sustainable when reading books made from sustainable practices.
  9. Crunchy Chicken looks at environmentalism in an irreverant way.

Food Blogs

What you eat can influence how you feel and your level of positivity. Additionally, the food decisions you make reflect your conscious living choices.

  1. Down to Earth addresses a number of simple living issues, but focuses mainly on food, cooking and gardening as part of conscious living.
  2. Sustainable Table offers daily cooking and food ideas for better living.
  3. Sustainable Food Blog provides you with information on organic gardening, and cooking in a more environmentally conscious way.
  4. Sustainable Food is a blog from that looks at food production, and what you can do to help it become more sustainable.
  5. American Feast provides a sustainable food blog that offers information and recipes for preparing a number of fresh and health meals.
  6. Eat. Drink. Better. addresses the need for improved eating habits for a healthier lifestyle.
  7. Yale Sustainable Food Project takes readers on a journey through the creation of a sustainable way of eating.

Meditation Blogs

Part of living well is learning how to deal with stress and calm your mind and body. These blogs can help you learn how to deal with stress and anxiety, in large part through meditation.

  1. Healing Meditation Blog helps you reduce your stress and use meditation in healing.
  2. Meditation is Easy can help you learn to reduce your stress through simple meditation.
  3. Learn to Meditate Blog brings you step by step through meditation exercises.
  4. Stress Management Blog from helps you learn various techniques, including meditation, to manage your stress levels.
  5. Online Meditation Guru provides interesting information on different types of meditation, and how they can help you.
  6. Your Best Meditation devotes itself to meditation techniques and ways you can benefit from meditation.

Holistic Health Blogs

Many believe that you can increase your results in positive and conscious living if you incorporate holistic health practices. These are practices that treat you as a whole person, and can improve your quality of life, as well as help you focus inward to live more consciously.

  1. Natural Holistic Health Blog looks at a variety of ways that holistic practices can help you improve your health.
  2. Chair Tai Chi helps you use this holistic exercise to improve your health.
  3. Methods of Healing provides different natural and holistic remedies for different ailments.
  4. Alternative Healing Blog offers a different look at creating better health.
  5. Aromatherapy and Essential Oils provides information on how you can enhance your physical and emotional health using aromatherapy.
  6. Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing Blog focuses on alternative health practices that can help you heal — and keep healthy.

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