Top 50 Medical Career Blogs

If you are looking for a career in the medical field, there is a wide array of choices. Indeed, medical careers range from physicians to insurance coders to medical sales professionals. There are a number of opportunities to be involved in a medical career, and to find fulfilling (and sometimes well-paying) work. Here are 50 medical blogs that can help you find your way in the medical field:

Medical Job Blogs

2495495392_431d0367c7These are blogs that focus on helping you find a job in the medical field.

  1. Non-Clinical Medical Jobs, Careers and Opportunities: Looks at different aspects of non-clinical medical work. Provides opportunities and leads, as well as helpful and information articles.
  2. Jobs-2o: Blog, forum and job board that provides postings on medical job openings and career helps.
  3. Premier Health Careers: Looks at medical and health care careers and includes job openings.
  4. BioJobBlog: Features information on what is happening in the world of medical and clinical careers. Special emphasis on pharmaceutical careers.
  5. Healthcare Executive Careers Blog: Offers insight into healthcare executive careers, as well as providing insight into job openings and how to find a job as a health care exec.

Doctor Blogs

Learn about what it’s like to be a physician, and get insight into what it takes to be a successful doctor.

  1. Physician Careers Blog: Learn about how to prepare your materials and market yourself as a doctor. What it takes to get hired as a doctor.
  2. GruntDoc: Looks at everyday doctoring — from the perspective of someone who once a doctor in the military.
  3. Doctor Anonymous: Follow the life of a family care physician living in Ohio.
  4. Surgeonsblog: Find out what it’s like to be a surgeon, and explore some of the issues involved in health care.
  5. KevinMD: One of the best blogs focusing on the medical and health care world and the issues that doctors face.

Nursing Blogs

Learn about what it’s like to be a nurse, and how to become a nurse.

  1. madness: tales of an emergency room nurse: Get a down and dirty look at what it’s like working as a nurse in the emergency room.
  2. St. Vincent’s Hospital Darlinghurst – Male Nurses: An interesting look at male nurses and what goes on in their world, with an Australian perspective.
  3. Misadventurous Melissa: Follows the adventures of someone who is a nurse and an attorney. An interesting career path.
  4. Nurse Healers: Blog that highlights the healing aspect of nursing.
  5. Psychonurse’s Padded Cell: Critical care nurse shares the ins and outs of her day.
  6. Nurse Practitioner’s Place: Focuses on what it is to be a practicing nurse.

Dentist and Orthodontist Blogs

Working on teeth can be an interesting career. Learn about it first time from these dentists and orthodontists.

  1. The Tooth Booth Dental Blog: Learn about what is happening in the world of dentistry, and about a day in the life of a dentist.
  2. Marty Jablow DMD: Find out about dentistry and what the issues involved in working with teeth.
  3. Dental Care: A great blog that focuses on different aspects of dental care and dentistry.
  4. The Dental Implant Blog: Learn about what it’s like working with dental implants and how to use it as a career.
  5. Exceptional Dental Practice Management: Learn about properly managing your dental practice.
  6. Ask Dr. Straight Orthodontic Blog: Find out more about orthodontics and what goes into it as a career.

Radiology Blogs

One of the medical careers in highest demand is radiology. Learn about this exciting career path.

  1. Dave’s Places in Radiology: A blog for imaging professionals, focusing on how you can do your job better.
  2. Why?: The thoughts of an x-ray tech on life and radiology.
  3. Radiology 101: Learn more about radiology as a career, and what it takes to make it.
  4. Aunt Minnie: Keep up to date on the latest in radiology, and issues facing health care.
  5. Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Medicine Podcast: Listen to the latest news in radiology and nuclear medicine, and learn about career tips and issues.

Alternative Medicine Blogs

Find a career in alternative medicine. Holistic healing and wellness can make a great career.

  1. Next Generation Chiropractor: Looks at what it takes to be a chiropractor today, and offers helpful career and practice hints.
  2. The Chiropractic Blog: Helpful information on how to improve your chiropractic practice.
  3. Massage Geeks: A blog about massage therapy and how you can enhance your skills and practice.
  4. Acupuncture Health Blog: Takes a look at practicing acupuncture and how it can enhance health.

Medical Assisting Blogs

Learn about becoming a medical assistant, and the health careers involved. Hygienists included in this batch of blogs.

  1. Medical Assistant Net Career Blog: Get helpful hints on being a better medical assistant and finding job openings.
  2. The American Society of Podiatric Medical Assistant’s Blog: Review job openings and post your own seeking employment wishes on this blog. Also includes helpful and informative articles.
  3. the musings of a modern hygienist: Learn about what it’s like to be a dental hygienist.
  4. Medical Assistant Jobs: Get a job in medical assisting. Learn helpful career tips, as well as see job postings.
  5. American Dental Hygienists’ Association MySpace Blog: Find out about networking events and receive helpful information on being a hygienist.

Medical Billing, Coding and Transcription

There are jobs in the administrative end of the medical profession. This includes billing clients, doing insurance coding and transcription for doctors. Some of these jobs can even be done from home.

  1. Medical Billing Blog: Provides career advice and tips on being successful as a medical biller.
  2. Medical Coding and Billing Blog: Information about coding and billing, as well as helpful information on getting started in the business.
  3. Your Medical Coding Career: Looks at how you can improve and sell yourself as a medical coder.
  4. Medical Transcription Blog: Follow a career path as a medical transcriptionist.
  5. Learn about job openings and helpful tips to help you start a career in medical transcription.

Medical Sales

One career path you can follow in the medical field is to sell supplies and drugs to doctors and hospitals. Provide needed equipment.

  1. Specialty Medical Sales Blog: Learn about how to be more successful at medical sales.
  2. Medical Sales Recruiter: Find out what hiring managers are looking for in a salesperson.
  3. Pharmaceutical Sales Blog: Sell pharma for a learning. Learn what employers are looking for, and improve your technique.
  4. CafePharma: Provides insight into the pharmaceutical industry. Aimed at pharma sales professionals.

Student Blogs

Learn from students pursuing various medical careers.

  1. Mexico Medical Student Blog: Follow the adventures of a medical student in Mexico.
  2. Medical Student Blog: Learn about how to be a better student and about issues facing the health care profession.
  3. This nursing student blog looks at health care issues and addresses better practices.
  4. Not Another Nursing Student Blog: Humorous look at what it’s like as a nursing student.
  5. Ashley’s USF Blog: A helpful look at what it’s like to be a radiology student.

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