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Six Months Later: Top 10 Updates on Healthcare Reform and Implementation

When it comes to health administration, the health reform bill passed earlier this year is ushering in plenty of change. Indeed, the bill is being touted as the biggest overhaul to healthcare in the U.S. There are certainly are plenty … Continue reading

How Often Do Doctors and Hospitals Make Mistakes? 25 Startling Studies with Answers

When we go to the hospital, we expect that we are going to get better. Unfortunately, hospitals are run by humans, and doctors themselves are human. No matter how expert a health care professional is, there is always the potential … Continue reading

50 Free Resources to Learn About Medical Privacy

Electronic Health Records (EHRs), online health services and tools that help manage healthcare online all raise questions about medical privacy. This list of 50 free resources to learn about medical privacy, from information about personal health records to organizations that … Continue reading