25 Useful Online Games for Health Educators

One of the career paths you can take with a Master of Health Administration degree is to help educate others. With all that we are learning about the body, and with technology, it is fairly easy to fulfill your duties as an educator. Indeed, health educators can influence children and adults to engage in healthier habits. If you want to make it fun, you can use games to help teach health concepts. Here are 25 useful games for health educators to use:


Keep your students on the right nutrition track with help from games that educate them as they play. Teach solid nutrition principles, and help students develop habits that can serve them well throughout their lives.

  1. Food Fury: Create chains of related foods using the tiles. You need to be fast, so that you can beat the timer. Levels become progressively hard. A fun way to learn about food, and how it relates to other foods.
  2. Brain Gain: This is a more advanced game that focuses on healthy foods, and understanding portion size. You answer questions, and find out if you are right. You get extra points for answering questions faster. A fun way to test your knowledge of good nutrition.
  3. Tell the Tooth: Learn about healthy snacks. This game from Colgate focuses on helping you choose snacks that are better for your teeth. Stay away from the high sugar snacks!
  4. Nutrition Sleuth: This fun game helps you learn more about nutrition. Identify the missing nutrient to help the detective get to the bottom of poor nutrition. A good way to learn how to take better care of your body.
  5. Combo Kitchen: Learn about combination foods, and learn about their impact on health and nutrition. A fun way to learn about nutrition, and how to create healthy meals.
  6. Mission Nutrition: Take this nutrition challenge to learn more about healthy choices. You can look inside a refrigerator and in the cabinets to find food that will help your body be healthy and strong.
  7. MyPyramid Blast Off Game: The USDA offers a fun game designed to help kids learn about the Food Pyramid. Learn how the right fuel can launch your rocket to Planet Power.
  8. Drop & Catch: Learn about how you can avoid saturated fat. This game is about catching the fruits and vegetables and avoiding the stuff that makes you unhealthy.


Another important component of health is physical fitness. Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. You can use games to help children and others learn more about the benefits and importance of physical fitness.

  1. Fat Pants Game: Learn about how you can keep the weight off. Answer a few questions, and test your ability to be committed to exercising right and losing weight.
  2. Health and Fitness Quizzes: Learn about health and proper fitness. Answer questions and get points a great way to learn more about better fitness.
  3. Fitness Dash: You need Windows to play this game, but it is a fun way to learn about fitness, and test your knowledge of good practices.
  4. Fitness Challenge: Learn about fitness, proper exercise, and what you can do to be healthier. A cool fitness challenge that gets you involved.
  5. Fitness Frenzy: Learn more about taking good care of your body with the help of physical exercise. Fitness frenzy will educate you while you have fun.
  6. Weight Watchers: Interestingly, it is possible to turn Weight Watchers into an online role playing game. Here is an interesting look at how to do this — and lose weight.
  7. Kalorie King Weight Loss Game: Learn about how to burn off those calories with this game. Also includes information on avoiding high calorie foods.
  8. Sports Crafts: Create cool crafts related to different sports. A cool way to get interested in physical activity and sports.

Learn About the Body

Understanding how the body works, and what its different systems accomplish is very helpful. It can provide students with a number of desirable insights. These games are educational and fun.

  1. Match a Muscle: This cool game from Anatomy Arcade offers a look at different muscles in the body, and lets you use a matching game to learn more about the muscular system. Anatomy Arcade also offers a number of other cool games that can help you learn about the body.
  2. Water and Your Digestive System: See the parts of the digestive system, and see how water travels through it, with help from this fun game from the National Institutes of Health. A good primer on the digestive system, and how it works.
  3. Neuro-Jeopardy: Learn about the nervous system with help from this fun game. Great Jeopardy! style way to learn about what goes on in the brain, and how the brain controls the body.
  4. Skeletal System Game: Learn the different bones in the skeletal system. Fill them in and see whether you are right. A great click and drag game. See how fast you can fill in the blanks to label all the parts of the skeleton correctly.
  5. Neuron Navigator: This game takes you through the development of a neuron. A great way to learn about how the connections in your brain are made. See what neurons look like, and help them grow.
  6. Sail the Circulatory System: Learn about how the heart pumps blood through the body with this cool game. Watch out, though! If you don’t get the oxygen to where it needs to go, your sailing trip will end rather abruptly.
  7. Respiratory System: This educational game times you as you look at different areas of the respiratory system. A great way to learn how this system works, and how we breathe. You can even customize the game to suit your needs.
  8. Discover the Human Body: Explore different parts and systems in the human body. A fun activity and interactive way to learn.
  9. Medical Jargon: This advanced game is more for teens and adults. The idea is to learn medical jargon, and get a better understanding of what different health words mean. A great way to learn more about the body — and about caring for it. Compare your scores with others.

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