40 Most Useful Web Apps for Health Administrators

Health administrators, like any other executives, need tools that can shorten task time and that create time for more tasks. This list of the 40 most useful Web apps for health administrators lists the tools, communication devices, collaborative tricks, productivity and travel apps that can help you shave time off that busy day. Each tool is geared toward your success as an administrative professional.


  1. 24SevenOffice: Some office suites offer email and calendars, but 24SevenOffice also offers billing software and an accounting program.
  2. eSign-iT: An easy to use e-signature application that allows you to gain legally binding approvals for your requests.
  3. Google Docs: Now a classic, Google Docs can keep your office happy, with online and collaborative documents, spreadsheets and presentation apps.
  4. Harvest: Track time, log expenses, invoice clients, keep track of account receivables and revenue.
  5. iSendr: Free Web service iSendr will instantaneously transfer a file directly from you to a client, employee or coworker, no server or software required.
  6. Mobile Password Safe: Specify your own labels, categories, and search your passwords interactively.
  7. paper.li: This tool can organize links shared on Twitter into an easy-to-read newspaper-style format for later use.
  8. Zoho Office Suite: Zoho provides a wide, integrated portfolio of rich online applications for businesses. Zoho Mobile includes online access that can be synced with a variety of other devices and computers.


  1. CentralDesktop: This online tool can increase team work and collaboration with online discussion threads, forums, wikis, blogs, social technology tools and web meetings.
  2. Colaab: Review and collaborate on documents, images and video online and in real time.
  3. Entri: Need some feedback on a blog post you’re putting together? Entri lets you write with a good editor, grab the link, then share it with colleagues to chime in.
  4. Mindmeister: A secure and simple real-time brainstorming with colleagues that can be shared, used offline and with mobile access.
  5. Octopz: This online service facilitates collaboration, in either synchronous or asynchronous environments through the use of digital media, Web conferencing, VoIP and content management technologies.
  6. PBWorks: A shared workspace that links colleagues, clients and partners, along with password-protected projects.
  7. PlanbookEdu: PlanbookEdu is great for administrators…although geared toward educators, the tools are great to use for any business that uses scheduling, classes, seminars, etc.
  8. Vyew: This platform provides real-time interaction for content, presentations and training.


  1. Campfire: Invite a client, colleague, or vendor to chat, collaborate and make decisions in a password-protected chat room. Up to 60 people can chat at once.
  2. DimDim: Hold live meetings and events using just your Web browser and this online app.
  3. Followbase: This service scans Twitter and collects customer ideas, problems, questions and mentions of your company so you can share what people are saying and respond.
  4. GizmoCall: Make free VoIP calls from your PC using your browser and a headset/microphone.
  5. Grapevine: Grapevine keeps people within earshot of each other throughout the day via full-blown platform upon which you can build your very own Grapevine-powered applications for communication.
  6. Heap CRM: Heap CRM keeps all or your contacts, messages, e-mails, files, events, tasks and much more all together.
  7. ListMessenger: ListMessenger.net is an online system for e-mail marketing and sending e-mail newsletters.
  8. SnailMailr: Use this online app to send a snail mail letter when needed. Attach your logo and take advantage of high quality color laser printing with this quick and inexpensive tool.
  9. Tw’er: Want to spread the word about some activities or offers? Do it anonymously with this easy-to-use Twitter tool.


  1. ClockWork: Use this time management solution to track what you do during your day.
  2. EasyTasker — Business and Project Management: A simple, easy-to-use web app where you can manage all the main areas of running a business from your iPhone, Blackberry or computer.
  3. Lattiss Online Appointment Scheduler: Free app provides plenty of presence to better serve small business Internet-savvy clients and members.
  4. MightyMeeting: Manage a private library of presentations directly from your computer, iPod Touch, or iPhone. Supports presentations in Microsoft Office or PDF formats.
  5. Producteev: Producteev will help you manage your tasks from wherever you’re comfortable working : E-mail, IM, Web, iPhone, Gmail, Google Calendar…
  6. Schedule It: Online scheduling for staff, rooms and equipment that saves time and money.
  7. Springpad: Springpad not only captures things and organizes them for later (like Evernote); it also figures out what you’re saving and tries to put it into context and help you use it.
  8. TimeBridge: TimeBridge, a free meeting scheduling web app, is the only tool you’ll need to confirm agreeable meeting times with clients, employees and colleagues.


  1. A simple to use translator: Translate your text in more then 10 different languages.
  2. Bing Maps: Use Bing Maps online to learn about traffic, share maps and find walking directions. Bing Maps also can find your taxi route and estimate the fare.
  3. Coinmill: An easy-to-use Web-interface exchange rate conversion calculator.
  4. PadPal: Create a free travel Website to share your meetings and create instant public relations.
  5. ParkWhiz: Help yourself and others find a convenient parking space for office visits, seminars and more with this online app.
  6. RoadTripHelper: Use this meta search engine to find hotels by attraction, address, city, landmark, intersection and more on this innovative mashup map.
  7. Syncd: An accurate, flexible and easy to use online time and expense tracking service that works great for freelancers or for teams of any size.

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