Top 50 HIPAA Blogs

If you plan to be a health administrator, you will need to understand the basics of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act — HIPAA. This legislation was designed to help those with health insurance to be protected, and it also allows for a measure of portability and renewablity when it comes to switching jobs. This is important because so many Americans have health insurance that is tied to their workplaces.

In addition to measures allowing health care access, portability and renewability, HIPAA also includes information about medical privacy and the security of information. On top of that, the section of the legislation that deals with Administration Simplification also addresses electronic health records. HIPAA covers a number of things that health administration officials would have an interest in. If you are interested in learning more about HIPAA, you can reference the following 50 blogs, which offer great resources:

General HIPAA Blogs

These are blogs that address HIPAA in a general manner. Includes news and other information about HIPAA and its application.

  1. HIPAA Blog: Interesting news and information related to HIPAA and the health care industry in general.
  2. Information on rules and news addressing HIPAA.
  3. HIPAA Compliance Journal: A great resource for information on complying with HIPAA.
  4. HIPAA, HITECH & HIT: Everything you need to know about these different laws.
  5. HIPAA Update: Latest headlines related to HIPAA and electronic health records.
  6. HIPAA News and Updates: HealthPort offers this blog sharing updates related to HIPAA.
  7. EMR and HIPAA: Great blog that looks at HIPAA, as well as electronic medical records.
  8. HIPAA on ZDNet: You can get some great updates and news headlines on HIPAA from ZDNet.
  9. HIPAA on WebMD: Headlines, blog posts and more related to HIPAA.
  10. A great resource for all things HIPAA.

Electronic Health Records and Health Care Technology

HIPAA was designed to help foster increased use of electronic health records (EHR). Sometimes these are also referred to as electronic medical records (EMR). These EHR/EMR blogs offer a look at different aspects of electronic data in health care, including HIPAA regulations.

  1. EHR Bloggers: Learn more about electronic health records. Also, learn more about HIPAA and other health tech issues.
  2. EHR Scope: More on health records, technology and information on HIPAA compliance in our technological world.
  3. EMR Straight Talk Blog: Looks at different aspects of electronic medical records.
  4. EHR Decisions: Learn more about electronic health records, and what needs to happen for them to be HIPAA compliant.
  5. CanadianEMR: A look at electronic medical records from Canada.
  6. EMR: Addresses issues related to EMR, including new topics, posts and information related to technology and HIPAA.
  7. IT Everything: This blog from Modern Healthcare looks at EHR, security and even addresses HIPAA in some of its posts.
  8. Healthcare IT News: Addresses all things tech in health care. Including HIPAA.
  9. Health Data Management: A look at technology in health care, including EMR and HIPAA.
  10. SearchHealthIT: Learn more about health care technology. Includes information on electronic medical records and HIPAA.
  11. Health IT Buzz: HHS offers a blog about medical information technology. Includes information on EHR as well as on HIPAA.
  12. Healthcare Informatics: A great health technology resource. Learn more about patients, EHR and HIPAA.

HIPAA Newsletters

Some blogs send out helpful email newsletters that can provide you with information about the latest HIPAA developments. If you are interested in having pertinent information delivered right to your inbox, consider the following newsletters.

  1. Physicians EHR eHealth Report Newsletter Archives: You can get access to information about electronic health records, including HIPAA compliance.
  2. HIPAA/HITECH Act Compliance Newsletter: Basic information to help you learn more about compliance with these acts.
  3. HIPAA Weekly Advisor: Get this free e-newsletter each week.
  4. HIPAA Flash: Quarterly newsletter that can offer you insight and information.
  5. HIPAA Survival Guide: Learn about HIPAA and get the information you need to comply.
  6. HIPAA Bulletin: A helpful look at information related to HIPAA. Get reports, as well as news.
  7. HIPAA Training: Resources, newsletters and videos on HIPAA.
  8. HIPAA Desktop: Get news delivered right to you. A great way to stay up to date on HIPAA.

Health Privacy and Information Security Blogs

If you are interested in the privacy aspect of HIPAA and the health care industry, you can get more information from a variety of blogs that make it a point to address privacy.

  1. Privacy Professor: Learn more about HIPAA compliance, as well as other issues related to information security and privacy.
  2. HCAAnet: You can read blogs on health care compliance, especially as it relates to privacy and policy.
  3. Health Information Privacy: While not exactly a blog, this information from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services is a valuable resource about HIPAA and privacy.
  4. Health Privacy: This news page from the Center for Democracy & Technology is a great resource on information, including HIPAA information.
  5. Healthcare Information Security News: News about security and privacy in health care. Includes EHR and HIPAA.
  6. Healthcare Security/Privacy: Learn more about privacy in health care, including discussion on HIPAA.
  7. EMR on Security, Privacy and the Law: Great information tagged “EMR” on this privacy blog.
  8. Healthcare Security on NetSPI Blog: Insights into healthcare security, HIPAA and EMR.
  9. The PrivacyBlog: Not all about health privacy, but a helpful resource for those looking for information on privacy.

Health Policy and Law Blogs

Find out more about the legal ramifications of HIPAA, and explore a number of other interesting and helpful topics related to the intersection of health care and law.

  1. HealthBlawg: All you need to know about health care law, including HIPAA rules and more.
  2. Real Health Reform: A look at different aspects of health care, including law. Also looks at HIPAA in some posts.
  3. Med Law Blog: Information on medical law, including information on HIPAA.
  4. Health Care Law Blog: Addresses issues related to health law, as well as privacy and HIPAA.
  5. Healthcare Law Blog: Legal issues you see in health care. Also looks at HIPAA and protection.
  6. Health IT Law Blog: Combines healthcare IT with law. You can find HIPAA posts on this blog.
  7. Home Care Law Blog: Interesting health law information for home care. Also helps with understanding HIPAA in such situations.
  8. Health Law & Policy: Keep up with the latest developments in health policy, including HIPAA.
  9. HealthLawProf Blog: One of the best places to find information on health care law. Also look for HIPAA information.
  10. Health Law Attorney Blog: Get information on health law, changes, and learn more about HIPAA.
  11. Health Law Blog: Information about compliance, HIPAA and more.

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