The 5 Highest Paid Positions in Health Administration

With the demand for healthcare professionals growing, it isn’t only doctors and nurses who are in demand. The administrative side of the healthcare field is also expected to grow in pace with the rest. Those with education, experience, and even a few special skills can find themselves at the top of the “To Hire” list. But which list do you want to be on?

To help you decide, we have gathered the five highest paid positions in health administration, with most ranging beyond the six-figure mark. And although there are many reasons to get a health administration degree, the below focus on the bottom line and are listed by highest to lowest. Continue reading

The History of Diabetes in America: The Ultimate Web Guide

In 2006, the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) published data indicating the enormity of the diabetes epidemic. Recently, the CDC stated that diabetes affects 8.3 percent of Americans of all ages, as well as 11.3 percent of adults. About 27 percent of those afflicted with diabetes do not know they have a disease. But, diabetes has a longer history, and the articles, timelines, videos, scientific papers listed below document this history…one that has a short time frame of treating and managing this disease. Continue reading

Top 50 HIPAA Blogs

If you plan to be a health administrator, you will need to understand the basics of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act — HIPAA. This legislation was designed to help those with health insurance to be protected, and it also allows for a measure of portability and renewablity when it comes to switching jobs. This is important because so many Americans have health insurance that is tied to their workplaces.

In addition to measures allowing health care access, portability and renewability, HIPAA also includes information about medical privacy and the security of information. On top of that, the section of the legislation that deals with Administration Simplification also addresses electronic health records. HIPAA covers a number of things that health administration officials would have an interest in. If you are interested in learning more about HIPAA, you can reference the following 50 blogs, which offer great resources: Continue reading

Top 40 Forums & Message Boards for Health Administrators

No matter if you’re a student in health administration or if you have been the head of a medical facility for years — at some point you may need support, peer information or networking outside your usual sphere of influence. This is when you might tap into interactive community forums, message boards or listservs that can help you gain traction on news, research and health management policies. This list of the top 40 forums and message boards for health administration is filled with members-only organization boards, management tools, community networks and jobs for health leaders. Continue reading

40 Most Useful Web Apps for Health Administrators

Health administrators, like any other executives, need tools that can shorten task time and that create time for more tasks. This list of the 40 most useful Web apps for health administrators lists the tools, communication devices, collaborative tricks, productivity and travel apps that can help you shave time off that busy day. Each tool is geared toward your success as an administrative professional. Continue reading

Six Months Later: Top 10 Updates on Healthcare Reform and Implementation

When it comes to health administration, the health reform bill passed earlier this year is ushering in plenty of change. Indeed, the bill is being touted as the biggest overhaul to healthcare in the U.S. There are certainly are plenty of changes coming to healthcare, and there have been many attempts to explain healthcare reform, and what it means for the future of healthcare in the U.S. Continue reading

How Often Do Doctors and Hospitals Make Mistakes? 25 Startling Studies with Answers

When we go to the hospital, we expect that we are going to get better. Unfortunately, hospitals are run by humans, and doctors themselves are human. No matter how expert a health care professional is, there is always the potential for error. However, you might be surprised at how often these errors can occur. Health administration professionals may try to reduce errors, and in some cases errors are not reported as widely as they could be. If you are interested in more information about mistakes made in hospitals and by doctors, these 25 sometimes startling studies can shed some light on this issue:

Continue reading

50 Free Resources to Learn About Medical Privacy

Electronic Health Records (EHRs), online health services and tools that help manage healthcare online all raise questions about medical privacy. This list of 50 free resources to learn about medical privacy, from information about personal health records to organizations that advocate for the patient, can help you learn more about why these privacy issues are such a concern. Continue reading

25 Useful Online Games for Health Educators

One of the career paths you can take with a Master of Health Administration degree is to help educate others. With all that we are learning about the body, and with technology, it is fairly easy to fulfill your duties as an educator. Indeed, health educators can influence children and adults to engage in healthier habits. If you want to make it fun, you can use games to help teach health concepts. Here are 25 useful games for health educators to use:

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25 Enlightening Studies and Infographics on Obesity in America

When it comes to public health, there are few scourges with the profile of obesity. With obesity increasingly becoming an issue in America, it is little surprise that health professionals and advocates are concerned about obesity. Many consider obesity in America a true public health risk, due to the diseases connected to obesity, as well as the costs associated with obesity. Here are 25 enlightening studies and infographics about obesity in America:

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