MA in Psychology – Mental Health Administration

With a degree in psychology, students are qualified for a number of positions in mental health facilities across the country. If students are interested in the administration field of this industry, one of the best ways to advance in your career is to get a master of arts in psychology with a concentration in mental health administration.

This type of degree prepares students for tasks such as evaluating patient treatment plans and options, assessing the finances of mental health facilities, complying with state and national mental health laws, and evaluating and advocating new treatment options for mental health patients. Having a background in psychology allows students to make good choice for your patients, but a degree in administration also gives students skills like leadership, organization, financial management, human resource management, and public relations. Students could also have the chance to take advanced classes in areas like law and policy, international mental health, economics, accounting, and more.

In addition, most MA in psychology degrees include advanced learning in the area of psychology, not just administration courses. So, although students prepare for a career in health administration and perhaps even healthcare management, this type of degree also qualifies students to practice in the mental health field, working closely with patients and doctors. In other words, students are keeping their career options open, which helps them find a job for which they qualify no matter where they want to live and work. Additionally, if students would rather obtain more management-focused degree, they could pursue a master’s in management in healthcare administration or a master of science in healthcare administration.

Students can find many MA in psychology programs, but not all of them allow students to choose a concentration in mental health administration. Luckily, even if none of the campus colleges offer this type of degree, students can find programs online that offer this type of education completely through distance learning.

Online Master’s Degrees in Psychology:

Featured Master of Health Administration Degree Programs

To become a health administrator or manager, a master's degree is usually required. Some of the most popular types of health degrees include the Master of Health Administration (MHA), the Master of Public Health (MPH), and the MBA in healthcare management. Below is a carefully compiled list of accredited institutions offering such programs to help you meet your career goals.

Kaplan graduates who specialize in a master's degree in Health Care Management can pursue positions in doctors' offices, medical and surgical hospitals, home health care, and outpatient centers. You will receive rigorous online training, including assignments, reports, presentations, and group projects all designed to help you develop the proficiencies you need to find solutions in real-life healthcare situations. Kaplan also offers an MBA in healthcare management as well as a Master of Science in health education. Click Here
Ashford University has several programs available for health administration, two being an MBA and MA while the last program is a bachelor's degree. These programs are designed for students who want to advance their careers with in the healthcare system and thoroughly explore biostatistics, finance, and strategic planning. Ashford has become a major providers of online education, with programs spanning multiple industries and education levels. Click Here
Obtain your Master of Health Administration degree from the University of Phoenix. Students of this accredited degree program learn to critically examine and evaluate issues, and incorporate the latest theories and contemporary practice applications through their studies. Phoenix also offers MHA specializations in gerontology, health education, and health informatics. Click Here
The MA in Healthcare Administration degree program from Grand Canyon University is an advanced graduate degree that prepares students for careers as hospital administrators or other types of healthcare managers. Grand Canyon University is a interdenominational Christian university based in Arizona. Click Here
Walden's Master of Health Administration (MHA) degree program is a graduate-level online track that emphasizes cutting edge technology and techniques. Numerous health careers should be available to graduates of this program, including jobs available in healthcare supplies, health insurance, health policy, and much more. Walden also offers two other similar degrees: the Master of Public Health (MPH) and the Master of Public Administration (MPA) in health policy. Click Here

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